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Coronavirus: Sickest patients face long recovery

Despite the horrific death toll caused by the coronavirus, many thousands of people have now survived the experience of having Covid-19.

The vast majority will have suffered relatively mild symptoms.

But those who were very ill and needed admission to intensive care, can face a long recovery.

That might mean weeks or months working with physiotherapists before they are even approaching recovery.

One of these is Roy Burton.

Mountain biking was one of Roy’s passions, and he would head out into the hills around his Yorkshire home several times a week.

But after falling ill with Covid-19, this previously fit and healthy 53-year-old is a shadow of his former self

As he became more sick, Roy needed help with his breathing, leading to six days in intensive care.

By Dominic Hughes (BBC). For full story, check https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52491797

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